All little about some of our brands on

Campbell's Music Service - the store that started it all.  Serving the music making community since 1964! 

ESP Guitars - ESP and LTD Guitars and Basses.  Great quality, cool shapes and styles.  No wonder so many top professionals use and endorse them.  From heavy metal to traditional classics, ESP has you covered.  Brand New for 2011 - LTD Acoustic electric guitars!

CrafterTheir acoustics rival high end American guitars but at much less cost.  The inlay work on the deluxe models exceeds nearly every company's handiwork.  Models like the ML Bubinga offers an inlaid rosette showing the phases of the moon, a mountainscape on the fretboard, exotic Bubinga wood for the back and sides at $669!  This is less than most American companies entry level guitar but looks better than their top of the line models!

Kustom - Originally appearing in 1966 Kustom amps have been growing their line to include some really great amps.  The Quad and KBA (guitar and bass respectively) amp series offer incredible value, featuring Celestion speakers and effects on some models, while the Coupe, HV and Sienna series take these features to the more pro level.

Campbell American Guitars - No relation (or is it?) but a great US made, quality guitar!  A true custom shop creating unique designs at prices that won't bankrupt you.  Why spend the money on a cookie cutter, same ol' guitar (designed in the 50's) when you can own something special.  Top rated everywhere they are reviewed and my own personal choice as main axe.

G&L - Formed in 1980 by Leo Fender and George Fullerton, a friend and former Fender employee, G&L took Leo's original designs and went further.  Smarter tone control layouts, smoother, better sustaining tremolo systems, necks that won't warp as easy are just a few of the innovations Leo and company brought to the guitar with G&L.

Samick - the world's largest guitar manufacturer!  What?!  It's true, Samick actually makes other companies' guitars for them.  But Samick offers their own lineup too.  One thing that attracted us to the Samick line was that we were able to get quality guitars direct from the manufacturer.  This means that the guitars are more competitively priced (no middle man) and are of comparable or higher quality in the same price range.  Check out their new JTR lineup!

Cort - Cort, like Samick, makes many of the guitars you find in various music stores.  Just one glance at the Cort lineup and you'll see some familiar shapes and styles but at better prices than the same basic guitars with a different name on the headstock.

BC Rich - the undisputed king of shapes!  When you want to reach for something radical, BC Rich has got you covered!  But don't just think of them as all show and no substance.  BC Rich combines radical body styles with great playing guitars.  Whether it's the somewhat subdued Mockingbird NJ Classic or the Platinum Pro Zombie, BC Rich makes guitars for those looking for something to wake up the crowds.

Spector - Spector is, in our opinion, the premier high quality bass.  The originators, the best.  Where years ago you could only afford a Spector if you had a lot of money, you can now buy Spectors in many price ranges.

Seagull - Probably the cornerstone of the Godin Guitar line.  All solid tops with a compound curve, genuine lacquer finishes, slightly wider neck excellent for fingerstyle players but not too wide that other players won't find it comfortable.

Art & Lutherie - Out of the same factory as the Seagull and Simon & Patrick comes the Art & Lutherie (A&L) series.  For the A&L's Godin uses much of the same elements as their higher priced brothers but makes some small changes to provide a lower priced guitar.

Johnson - The Johnson (Music Link) lineup is impressive to say the least.  Loar, Recording King, Paris Swing, Axl and more.  Instruments that have the vintage vibe at extremely easy prices.  These guys cover a lot of bases with a lot of cool innovative products.

Tascam - What else can you say about the granddaddy of home recording.  Cassette, digital, computer driven, it's all here.  Don't forget the Guitar Trainer!

Yorkville - Yorkville is a company that, unfortunately, has not been as well known as other PA equipment makers but certainly deserves to be.  When reliability is key, buy a Yorkville, complete with their 2 year (even if you break it) warranty!  It's that good!  Alto is Yorkville's lower priced line but don't let that fool you into thinking 'cheap'.  Alto uses the designs of the Yorkville line but the cost effective manufacturing of overseas for a reliable, very affordable product.

Morgan Monroe - Brands become an extension of our business family.  Morgan Monroe and their parent company SHS offer a wide range of products.  Banjos, mandolins, fiddles, resonators and guitars.  Morgan Monroe has been constantly improving and building their line.  They offer a Lifetime Warranty too.

Goldtone - Gold Tone instruments have come a long way since we first got them in.  Not the quality, which has always been excellent, but it what they offer.  From just a few banjos to mandolins, ukeleles, resonators and banjo variations that no one else offers.

EMG - Want dead quiet and kicking tone?  EMG does what no other pickup company can, give you both.  From the classic S series to the hard driving 81, nobody does it better.

Dimarzio - Who started the replacement pickup craze?  Dimarzio!  Dimarzio keeps adding more and more models so that guitar players can get exactly the tones they crave.  Innovation, high quality and consistency mean when you install a Dimarzio pickup you will ready to rock!

Digitech - Innovative effects units, loopers, vocal processors.  Signature pedals like the Jimi Hendrix pedal to stomp boxes like the Bad Monkey.  Jam Man, Brian May, Eric Clapton, RP Series, Expression Factory, Death Metal, the list goes on and on.