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Airfoil Transporter system TPA AF4  by  SHS Audio        

Perfect small PA system. Includes: SX 100 4 channel powered mixer with digital effects and 2) S 10 Airfoil Speakers (10" speakers, tough polypropylene cabinet). Speakers can be used as monitors too! Add the TPA 1 Accessory pack for a complete system.


sound system

319.95 USD



OM 500  by  SHS Audio        

A perfect vocal microphone with a easy on the wallet price tag. Low impedence



69.95 USD



SM 20 mixer  by  SHS Audio        

20 channel, non powered mixer, inserts for each channel, 4 band EQ with 60 mm faders, phantom power, PFL/Solo per channel and lo cut (100hz) on channels 1-16. Great for live sound as well as recording.


sound system

459.95 USD



PBM 250  by  Alto        

The Alto PBM8-250 is extremely flexible, 250 watts per side (@4 ohms) ultra-low noise 8-channel stereo powered mixer with integrated 24-bit 256 preset DSP and stereo 9-band graphic EQs. The Equipped with six MIC/line inputs and two additional stereo inputs strips, all with a full 3-band EQ, two aux sends and pan control per channel makes the PBM8-250 the ideal small band live PA mixer/amp. 500 watt per side version available (PBM 500)


powered mixer

349.95 USD



AMX 140  by  Alto        

Four mono inputs, 2 stereo (one with XLR too), phantom power,
# 3-band EQ
# 2 AUX sends; AUX 1 - PRE-FADER for monitoring; AUX 2 - POSTFADER AUX for effects sends can be changed in PRE-FADER for monitoring
# 2 Stereo AUX return with level and routing to AUX 1
# 2-track IN/OUT with discrete switches for routing to Control Room and to Main Mix
# Discrete output level for Phones/Control Room
# Balanced TRS jack output


non powered mixer

99.95 USD



OM 450  by  SHS Audio        

Great instrument or all purpose mic for a very affordable price. A great microphone to have on hand, clone of a much higher priced classic. Low impedence



69.95 USD



Transporter TPA 1 Pack  by  SHS Audio        

Perfect starter pack for PA systems. Includes 4 each: OM 25 mics, mic stands, 20 foot cables, mic clips and windscreens. Great compliment to the Airfoil Transporter system.



124.95 USD



PW 50  by  Powerwerks        

Incredible new product from Powerwerks! The PW 50 is a self contained 3 channel PA system. Two channels feature both XLR and 1/4" inputs while the third channel features an 1/8" jack. All three channels have volume, bass and treble controls. The really cool feature is the Powerlink which allows two PW 50's to be chained together through a standard XLR cable. When linked, both units' inputs come through both speakers. Small enough to carry with one hand, the PW 50 has many uses - speaking engagments, solo acts, home practice, DJ's, etc. Built in speaker pole mount too.


portable pa system

119.95 USD

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