Deco King R 60

Deco King R 60

Recording King 


$ 1,199.95



The Deco King Banjo is covered with luminous pearloid on the back of resonator as well as on the peghead. There is also a “deco flower” pattern on both the resonator back and peghead and a deco fretboard inlay in M.O.P. The Deco King comes with a one-piece resonator, a one-piece neck, 3-ply maple rim, nickel-plated hardware, a bound ebony fretboard and American Standard thread hardware. This model has a black gloss finish on the rim, resonator sides and neck. The Deco King also features the traditional Recording King peghead and an authentic Mastertone-style tone ring and flange. Each model includes a vintage hardshell case with a brass Recording King nameplate.